Available only in Japan
TDB issues publications on business information acquired through research activities, such as information on good-standing companies and Taxable Corporate Income List.

TDB Company Directory

TDB researches 140,000 most influential and good-standing companies nationwide out of 1.41 million companies in all industrial categories that are registered in the Corporate Profile Database COSMOS2, and creates a yearbook that contains exhaustive information on 24 items including capital fund, sales figures, and shareholders.

Nationwide Various Corporate Rankings

Based on TDB's corporate database, the most extensive of its kind in Japan, more than 30 types of corporate rankings including those on sales figures, declared income, and net worth ratio are clearly compiled by prefectures and by industrial category.

Teikoku News

The Teikoku News is a news magazine on credit information, corporate trends, and economic issues focusing on "bankruptcy". TDB makes quick reports on bankruptcy news collected through our own networks on a daily basis.

Teikoku Times

The Teikoku Times is a newspaper on industrial economy that was first published in 1906. It focuses on articles based on TDB's research activities, but also contains follow-up stories of bankrupt companies and local economic trends available through our research networks.

TDB Industry Trends Reports

The TDB Industry Trends reports on the latest trends, outlook, performance, and statistics of Japan's 100 major industries covering approximately 231 business fields.


The TDB REPORT focuses on Japan's currently growing industries and companies. It picks up noticeable businesses and companies with high profits and past growth as its keywords.

TDB Cash-Flow Analysis and Statistics

This publication includes 17 indicators for the latest 4 terms, which are essential for management analysis and are made up based on financial data such as operating expenditure and receipt ratio, ordinary balance ratio, and interest coverage ratio. Basic knowledge and case examples of cash-flow are also described in an easy-to-understand manner.

Financial Statements Analysis and Statistics

Based on the Corporate Financial Database COSMOS1, compiled from 4.3 million-term worth of financial data of nationwide 670,000 companies, TDB calculates 56 important indicators in terms of earning power, asset efficiency, stability, and growth potential according to industrial category and business scale.