Corporate Database Service

Our corporate information database, the most extensive of its kind in Japan, serves many purposes from customer management to marketing.

TDB's corporate information database COSMOS contains accurate and highly reliable corporate information gathered through corporate credit researches, and the database is the most extensive of its kind in Japan. COSMOS supports you in expanding business opportunities in the domestic market through various methods including telemarketing, direct mail, and direct visits.

TDB's huge database can cater to various purposes such as picking up companies in a specific business line to make a list of addresses to send out direct mail, or making contacts with the companies whose sales are increasing. TDB will only extract necessary corporate data relevant to the intended purpose. Out of 18 items including location of the headquarters, category of business, number of employees, profits, and annual sales, TDB narrows down the data that fit into our customer's marketing plan. Then, provides the data with a disk (CD-R) or in the form of hardcopy such as address tags for direct mail.

TDB can also offer you credit controls to prevent business risks, or build customer management database by integrating customer information that you already have with TDB's corporate information database.

Please contact us for information on corporate database of foreign companies.