TDB Advantage

Visit & Confirm

Our 1,700 field researchers in all parts of the country are visiting companies in every industrial category or location every day, which is what defines TDB's motto "visit and confirm". Our corporate credit reports have won high customer confidence.
TDB also performs customized research making fully use of research know-how accumulated over a century of our business history.


TDB's 83 research offices nationwide and 1,700 field researchers offer use-oriented support to our customers. Our information network covering across the entire nation was built by the footsteps with each of our customer.
Furthermore, TDB delivers the world's most updated company information through our branches and allied organizations overseas. Teikoku Databank America, Inc., our U.S. subsidiary, attends credit industry's major conferences held in Europe and the United States to maintain network in the industry. In Asia, we place a hub in Korea to earn local information.

Information Gathering

Being among the first to build a database of company information accumulated through daily research activities, TDB now stores data of approximately 2 million companies nationwide. Using vast amounts of corporate data, we offer highly reliable database service including a list of target companies as well as data for customer management.
In addition, information network built individually based on the credit research allows us to collect and to release bankruptcy reports instantaneously, at the same time, we figure out Japan's economic indicator based on the data gathered through questionnaires distributed to over tens of thousands of companies nationwide each month.


TDB retains company codes of companies nationwide, and the number of code assigned to each company is restricted to one based on the accurate company information gained through our daily research activities. Because of its reliability, TDB Company Code, a unique company ID, has already been adopted by many companies/organizations as a standard company code in customer data management or as an identification code on online electronic transactions.


To avoid risks arise in inter-company transactions, one should acquire information gathered through a third party. TDB conducts research with objectivity and neutrality, completely unaffected by any other organizations or corporate groups. Professional researchers report on a company's "true figure".