Corporate Credit Research
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Under the motto "Visit and Confirm", TDB's research staffs directly visit the site and conduct research activities. They investigate into management conditions from a multilateral view and report on information that determines credit standing of a company. The reports provide the information for preliminary study upon entry into a new market or extending existing transactions, or as a criterion for keeping ongoing transactions.
TDB also provides credit research services of companies outside Japan through cooperation with overseas research organizations.

Corporate Database Service
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TDB builds a database comprised of information including corporate profile and financial report collected in daily research activities. A list of companies that match the conditions specified by the customer such as location, industrial category, and sales figures is extracted and provided to the customer on a disk or a hardcopy. This service can be used for targeting and building customer databases.

Market Research
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TDB answers the requests that can not be covered by the credit research, for example, the size of the market and its growth potential as well as the ranking of a company within certain industry sector. We select best research method--market research, industry research, questionnaire survey, etc.--to meet customer's request.

Credit Management Support
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To ensure safety of business transactions, TDB provides solutions for credit risk management based on our research know-how and Japan's largest database. TDB supports "Credit Risk Management" from the perspectives of total management, continuity management, and priority management.

Online Service -Available only in Japan
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Data from Japan's largest company database built by TDB and various business information are available through our company website, membership site, and i-mode (cellular phone).

EC Support -Available only in Japan
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As a third party authority, TDB issues an original "Digital ID", which helps keep customers from the risks of data falsification, spoofing, and peeping.

Publication -Available only in Japan
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TDB issues publications on business information acquired through individual research activities, such as information on influential and good-standing companies and taxable corporate income list.